Richard T. Scalettar

Recent Invited Talks

[33.] "Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of Optically Trapped Bosons and Fermions"
Workshop on Computational Many-Body Physics, Banff, Alberta, Canada, January, 2005.
[34.] "Phase Diagram and Visibility of Optically Trapped Bosons"
Conference on Effective Models for Low-Dimensional Strongly Correlated Systems, Peyresq, France, September, 2005.
[35.] "Metal-Insulator Transitions in the Disordered Hubbard Model"
XI Training Course in the Physics of Strongly Correlated Systems, Vietri sul Mare (Salerno) Italy,
[36.] "Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of Multiband Hubbard Models"
First LLNL International Conference on Correlated Electrons in Matter, Half Moon Bay, California, December 2006.
[37.] "Mott Physics from transition metal oxides to optical lattices"
Atomic Physics Gordon Research Conference, Tilton, New Hampshire, July 2007.
[38.] "Forty Years of the Hubbard Model: From the solid state to cold atoms on optical lattices"
Les Houches, France, August, 2007.
[39.] "Metal-Insulator and Superconductor-Insulator Phase Transitions in the Hubbard Model"
workshop on “Conductor-Insulator Quantum Phase Transitions,” Ohio State University, January, 2008.
[40.] "Recent Progress in Determinant Quantum Monte Carlo"
Second International Symposium and Workshop on Correlated Electrons in Matter, Gatlinburg, TN, April 2009.
[41.] "Recent Progress in Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of Cold Atom Systems"
Workshop on Quantum Simulation/Computation with Cold Atoms and Molecules, Aspen, CO, June, 2009.
[42.] "Superconductivity in Imbalanced Fermi Gases"
Critical Issues Related to Higher Temperature Superconductors Conference, Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics,
Santa Barbara, CA, June, 2009.
[43.] "Quo Vadis Computational Physics"
March Meeting, American Physical Society, Dallas, Texas, 2011
[44.] ``Quantum Monte Carlo in Condensed Matter Physics: Past, Present, and Future,"
Conference on Computational Physics, Gatlinburg, November, 2011.
[45.] ``Magnetism in MultiComponent (Multilayer) Fermi Systems",
XXXVI International Conference on Theoretical Physics, Correlations and Coherence at Different Scales,
September 13-18, 2012, Ustron, Poland.
[46.] ``Determinant Quantum Monte Carlo",
Vienna Summer School on Computational Physics, Band Structure Meets Many Body Physics, Technical University,
Vienna, September 18-22, 2012.
[47.] ``Magnetism and Superconductivity in Decorated Lattices",
Brazilian Physical Society, Foz do Iguacu, PR, Brazil, May 24-28, 2015.
[48.] ``Cooling Atomic Gases with Disorder",
March Meeting, American Physical Society, Baltimore, 2016.